And so after having the power go out while uploading to the scrapbook I'm hoping the next storm to knock the power out will wait bloody 10 minutes so I can re upload it. Doujin scans will be changing from a Sunday post to Saturday due to change in work hours. It's gonna be strange to start with not being home on a Sunday.

Something for the few Irvine/Squall lovers on the can we not love this pairing and when it is drawn by Reine Hibiki. So tasty :) Also if someone could color pg20 for me cos I"m thinking I need a Squall layout with that pic...I might just have to have your babies ♥

Title: Prescription
Circle: Russian Blue
Artist: Reine Hibiki
Characters/Pairing: Irvine/Squall
Type: Serious (I think)
Year: 2002
Pages 21 + covers (missing pagers were blank ones)
Raw: lj scrapbook; mediafire (4.32mb)

Argh yet more rain. I best post this before the power decides it wants off again -_-
I'm so glad I already had this one scanned because I tried standing at the scanner today and only managed to get a few pages of Irv/Squall done. Luckily it was only a few pages to do but still the leg was not happy.

Yes I spent most of the rest of the day on the bed. Promise.

Series: Suikoden 2
Title: Kuzureyuku Sekai ni Hana wo [side:Ashley/no.05](raw)
Circle: Ground Zero
Artist: Yuki Kairi
Type: Gen/Serious
Characters: Tir, Ted, Joshua, Milia(?)
Pages: 35 + covers
Date Published: 2005
Download: lj scrapbook, mediafire (7.91mb), unedited (41.19mb)

So I'm assuming this is post Suikoden 2 seeing as Milia is all grown up like. Hell might even be during S3. That is if that is Milia. Guess I'll find out eventually.

The Suikoden kink meme is still going if anyone was thinking of poking at it. There has been a couple fic fills and a very hot Albert/Yuber art fill. Yummy.

Have spent some of the evening thinking of Kenpachi orientated amvs done to Meatloaf. There is crack in my head XD Also finally discovered Roog Japanese voice and omg I think it might be worse than his English one >.< That's from the tiny bit I managed to hear. Damn but I wish I understood Japanese because listening to some guy doing a play-through of the game is funny. I can hear the tone in his voice and so wish I knew what the hell was being said when mocking the game XDDD Cos really you can only be using that kind of tone when mocking things *snickersnort* Not to mention the way they pronounce Georg as gay-org. Fun times.

Appointment at 8.30am tomorrow so I'll need to make sure to put the alarm on shortly before I pass out for the night. Next update after I get back from that I guess <3
Am attempting to motivate my squee to return. Goal for the year is to post doujin scans each weekend. We shall see how this goes. So here's 2 for they ear so far :) Also have been working on updating my scans masterpost so that I've got links to those scanlated by the ever wonderful [ profile] xiaa

Series: Suikoden 1/Suikoden 4
Title: Kyrie [side:Ashley/no.04](raw)
Circle: Ground Zero
Artist: Yuki Kairi
Type: Gen/Serious
Characters: Ted, Tir, Ted's grandpa, random pirate
Pages: 31 + covers
Date Published: 2004
Download: lj scrapbook & mediafire (8.72mb)

Title: Black Hole Sun
Fandom: Vagrant Story
Pairing: Ashley/Sydney
Pages: 13 + covers
Raw: lj scrapbook

Honestly no idea about the VS doujin. Got it yeaaaaaaars ago and have only scanned the comic part as the other half is all text. Do quite like the cover though and Sydney's and Ashley's big cheezy grins at what I'm guessing is them leering over how revealing their pants are...or almost are in Sydney's case.

Home life is okay. Dad is still annoying when I know he doesn't mean to be but just is -_- I need earplugs or a soundproof room with how loud he's been having the tv of late. Mum is okay and has just finished her 2 weeks off work...back to work on Wednesday for her. Shadow is being Shadow :)

Started saving last week for this year. Technically if con falls the same time as usual then it's currently 42 weeks or so until con. Good number :) My needing to have everything planned already though is in part affecting my mood. cut for travel plans rambling )

Jessica has borrowed some of my manga :D She's got most of Demon Diary and 2-4 of Vampire Knight. I spotted her library pile and told her I have all of DD and she actually asked to borrow VK. The library is taking too long getting it to her. I need to get the rest of the volumes available of VK now so she can read them. I really hope Tash keeps her hands off them. She'll only leave them where they can get damaged -_- I also handed Jess Princess Princess to read the back of and she may be borrowing that next. I really don't have that much manga she can borrow without exposing her to porns XD She does have the first volume of Cantarella from the library too but I don't have any more than that as well because I lost interest almost right away with that particular story. Shall have to see if Jess falls into yaoi without any help from me *grin*

So really nothing exciting happening here. Going to attempt bread making probably this coming weekend as well as making green tea icecream from scratch. Will let ya know how that goes. HOpefully will get other belated stuffs done this week too but won't be surprised if I don't. Motivation isn't exactly bubbling here to do much beyond gaming. Yay gaming *grabs flist and flops on bed*
Bloody warm here today. I'm having a semi-productive day. Why can't I be productive in this manner with writing *pouts*

Series: Suikoden 2
Title: Mayoiga [side:Ashley/no.03](raw)
Circle: Ground Zero
Artist: Yuki Kairi
Type: Gen/Serious
Characters: Riou, Tir, fleeting glimpse of Ted, Flik & Viktor
Pages: 19 + covers
Date Published: 2003
Download: over here & mediafire (8.82MB)

Series: Suikoden 2
Title: Pledge (raw)
Artist: Dogmatist
Type: Serious/hint of yaoi?
Characters: Culgan & Seed
Pages: 20 + covers
Date Published: 2001
Download: over here & mediafire (7.27MB)

gnome: (FF7 Sephiroth!)
( Feb. 15th, 2009 12:39 pm)
Only the two Overture doujin to go now that this one is up. Apologies for the size of the scans but I'm making sure xiaa can read what's happening ;) Everyone enjoy!

Title: Blast
Circle: Harpy Killer
Pairing: SxC
Raw: over here & mediafire 14.74mb

More Suikoden next. Also I won't be scanning my Hellmasker Cid/Vincent one as it was posted a couple weeks back by someone else on one of the FF comms. Was anyone chasing it as I'm happy to point them in the direction of the link if they want.

Am currently cleaning house. Boring. But I need time off the compy I think. Plan to go for a walk later when it will hopefully be slightly less muggy. Damn evil sticky weather. Also plan to clean out my comment box tonight so don't be surprised if I"m answering stuff a couple days old :)

Series: Suikoden 2
Title: Angus Dei [side:Ashley/no.02](raw)
Circle: Ground Zero
Artist: Yuki Kairi
Type: Gen/Serious
Characters: Ted/Tir, Cleo, others
Pages: 28 + covers
Date Published: 2002
Download: mediafire (10.81MB)

More Suikoden doujin yay. Also available for viewing in the scrapbook. It may take me a bit to get the next one up as there's a SxC next and then I may be more braindead from work or more hopefully writing *fingers and teos crossed*

I'm getting very tempted to redo a few icons and upload more Suikoden ones. Posting Suiko doujin has reminded me of my love for the game and shown I do not have enough icons for this fandom.

omfgyay it's finally the weekend. I have no idea how I managed to get through the week with some of my brain intact. Finally remembered to turn the phone on yesterday and found that I had texts from Mim and so did some text tennis today during lunch and it was lovely and quiet until I had about 10 minutes of lunch left and then the most annoying guy in the store came up to have a short break *headdesk* Next week I expect it to go missing and then for the following three weeks to not be existent at all while my supervisor is on holidays and I'm doing piles of stuff on my own. Must survive!

Discovered a sushi restaurant over in Noosa area. The plan is to go check out the food tomorrow night with some of the work crew. It's looking expensive if their online prices and menu are correct so we will see if this is a one of kind of thing. It'll either be the cost or the not as good as eating with fangirls in SF that makes me not go again. I'm looking forward to it :) Plus in the morning I'm off to get my hair trimmed up. No idea what I'm going to wear either ^^; Will decide tomorrow and I plan to take my camera...maybe. I must remember to charge the battery then.

I'm beat after this week and so will be falling into bed shortly, right after I upload this to thew suiko yaoi comm :) I'm mentally worn out and the body isn't all that much better off. How people work more than 38 hours a week in retail I have no idea as it's evil.

Weekend is haircut, out for dinner, writing, staying sane, writing!, laundry, cleaning house, writing!!, maybe more scanning of doujin, contemplating serious about the whole cosplay thing and general bumming about. And writing! Must write.
Must zoom to work but here's a FF7 doujin to enjoy ^_^ Probably be another Suikoden one next. Laters! *glomps* <333

Title: ZengMani (Raw)
Doujinka/Circle: Cherry Blossoms/ Hirose
Series: Final Fantasy VII
Scanner: [ profile] gardensgnome
Length/Installment: 31 + covers
Pairing: Tseng/Rufus, Tseng/Reeve, Rude/Reno, possibly Veld/Tseng
Rating: Teen (for some kissing/minor groping)
Warnings: is Scarlet considered a warning? ;)
Note: Missing page numbers are blank pages and so were not scanned. Also if mediafire doesn't like you, the doujin is in my lj scrapbook here

DOWNLOAD HERE (mediafire)

crossposted. apologies if I spam your flist ^^;

front cover
Title: Kuuki to Hoshi
Circle: Harpy Killer
Pairing: SxC
Raw: over here
Scanlation: by [ profile] xiaa mediafire 2.11mb

Woot! Another on the list of things Gnome should do this weekend completed. I'm out of completed scans now that I've cropped up these so time to do writing I guess. Or more scanning :)

I'm enjoying the radio today and learning interesting things about the music I listen to. As in with it being Australia day and all, they're playing Aussie only music. I'm discovering may I thought to be overseas songs to actually be by Aussie groups. We rock!