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( Mar. 22nd, 2010 09:35 pm)
I decided that I should consolidate some old fics written for kinkfest on IJ a few years back. Some I posted links to and some I have not. I think I didn't post some because at the time I was disappointed in myself for not finishing the ones I'd grabbed. It reminds me that I'm still wanting to write them.

Right - on to stuff to read :) There's ten in total >.>

Title: Same time tomorrow?
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: blood and sex oh yeah baby ♥
Summary: Byakuya learns he doesn’t mind the taste of blood
Prompt: Bleach, Zaraki/Byakuya: Battlefield sex - Dripping

same time tomorrow )

Title: At Days End
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: nudity?
Summary: Braska and Auron training for the pilgrimage
Prompt: Final Fantasy X, Braska/Auron: Hair - Silk and leather

at days end )

Title: Tied Up In You
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: light bondage
Summary: Tseng shows Rufus some traditional ropework.
Prompt: Final Fantasy VII, Tseng/Rufus Shinra: bondage - "It's the Wutai way."

tied up in you )

Title: Swimming with the summoner
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: a little nekkidness
Summary: Jecht, Braska and the spring in the forest
Prompt: Final Fantasy X, Jecht/Braska: undressing - moonlight
A/N: It turned out nothing like planned thanks to Jecht wanting water to play in and I will have to go back and write the original idea. It needs to be written. And yes, lame title really but I couldn't leave it untitled ^^;

swimming with the summoner )

Title: Not Love
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: err het? I write yaoi usually so het is my warning ;)
Summary: Just a little romp in the kitchen
Prompt: Final Fantasy VII, Cloud/Tifa: rough sex, spontaneous sex (anywhere but bed) - It wasn't love, but she didn't care

not love )

Title: Bathing Confessions
Rating: light R for some groping
Warnings: no warnings ^_^
Summary: the trio stop in at Rin's Travel Agency
Prompt: Final Fantasy X, Auron/Braska/Jecht: threesome, sexual hangups - Don't be such a prude

bathing confessions )

Title: Purple
Rating: M+ for swearing & nuditity
Warnings: Cid swearing...a lot
Summary: Cid gets a very unexpected late night visit
Prompt: Final Fantasy VII, Vincent/Cid: Demons - $#%*@-ing purple fur is hard to explain off the &$%ing sheets.

purple )

Title: Sometimes Wanted Memories
Rating: PG
Warnings: tiny bit of angst, hinted incest
Summary: Firo and the weight of memories
Prompt: Baccano! - Firo/anyone - acting on instinct - two hundred years' worth of other people's memories

sometimes wanted memories )

Title: Wanna Wake Up With You
Rating: M
Warnings: nekkidness pfft
Summary: Rufus should not answer phones first thing in the morning
Prompt: Final Fantasy VII - Rufus/Cloud - quasi-incest - "Just look at us."

wanna wake up with you )

Title: Treasure Scent
Rating: G
Warnings: none really, implied Seph/Cloud/Leon
Summary: Apparently there's treasure in Leon's pants!
Prompt: Kingdom Hearts - Leon/faerie!Gullwings - treasure hunt - Just what was he hiding?

treasure scent )


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