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( Feb. 6th, 2010 11:49 pm)
So I did some writing of drabbles for Cydling's FFVIII comm and I'm rather happy with how they've turned out. Nice to be writing little things again. Maybe I can work up to something bigger >.> I've got one more I want to write but that can wait till tomorrow when I'm not feeling so blah in the head from a nap earlier.

Yay for being a total bum today. Well I did do some things like laundry and helping Tasha look for pics that were due Friday but she's got an extension till Monday. I'm rather sad that she is 13 and can't spell very well. She needs away from computers and to read real books...if that makes sense. She's reading lots of manga at the moment which while it's a good shared interest, she's missing so much because the descriptions of what is happening isn't there because there's a pic to look at and see what is going on. /annoyed moment. Hopefully things will improve seeing as she's just hit high school *fingers crossed*

Tomorrow I plan to be more productive. Promise. Also realized today that by agreeing to work Sundays I've taken away my watching Bathurst in October. I'm so planning on changing my days that week. Can't miss Bathurst.

Prompt me! Ya all should know my fandoms and the like. Character or pairing and a one word prompt. One word only and I'll write a 100 word drabble if so inspired by your choice :)

Bed now. Nite <3


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