been a while since I posted a batch so here we are...enjoy :D

Title: caring can keep you alive (Leon, Sora)
Author's Notes: prompt - Sora. now i'm curious - does a keyblade have a sharp edge or is it more a bludgeoning weapon *GRIN*

caring can keep you alive )

Title: sun-shiny days (Sora, Leon, Cloud (pre-Leon/Cloud if you squint real hard))
Author's Notes: prompt - mistaken identity. just imagine anyone else from the Islands to be off doing stuff not here :D do not want leon meeting selphie.

sun-shiny days )

Title: tools of the trade (Cid, Leon, Cloud)
Author's Notes: prompt - conventions. Cloud is such a smug bastard :D

tools of the trade )

Title: housemates (pre-Leon/Cloud)
Author's Notes: prompt - gender bending. no idea...really no idea at all.

housemates )

Title: do you remember when (Merlin, Aerith, Cid, Yuffie, Cloud, Leon)
Author notes: prompt - childhood

do you remember when )

Title: pretty playthings (creepy Maleficent, Princesses of Heart)
Author's Notes: prompt - toys. I had Barbies once. Didn't cut their hair...I cut off their toes >.>

pretty playthings )

Title: mulit-talented (Leon, Cloud, Aerith)
Author notes: prompt - hidden talent

multi-talented )

Title: when all is not what it seems (Kairi, Maleficient, Beast)
Author's Notes: prompt - alternate universe. think of this as in terms of Kairi swapping spots with Riku or something...which would mean that Riku's heart is with Sora :3

all is not what is seems )

So...I've had a few drinks :3 I'm possibly going to write some fic. No idea if what I write will make sense in the morning.

Also 4,444 posts on the last post. In honor of that, I will write 4 drabble requests. First come first served, provided it is something I write for. This is 4 total between both DW and LJ. Will try to get them done fairly quickly.

Also thank you everyone for input regarding the KH100 alternate universe prompt. What I ended up writing is the last one here :)

In other news, but still writing news, I popped in Suikoden III this afternoon for some Borus research for a 0TP fic and omg I'm going to have to restart the game because I don't know what happened or where I'm up to. This will not stop me from writing this fic. Hervey and Borus. 0TP FTW!!!
Just a little Cloud/Leon written for [ profile] clicheclub. Which for some reason I can't actually post to said comm because the internet is being shit.

Title: To Carefully Wish For Nothing
Cliche: waking up married
Fandom: post-KH2 canon
Pairing: Cloud/Leon
Rating: M
Contains: minor nudity

You were listening in on the servants gossip? )
Newest batch is ready...because I kinda had a lot to write for the current prompt which is crossovers >.> Okay so I may have gone a little overboard. Now watch me avoid writing full fic for all these ideas ^^;

It's a little sad that no one person will recognize all the fandoms. Kalli will likely know most of them :) I think I've covered all my major fandoms. Missed a couple that I've previously written for but my brain is only offering this much at the moment.

Enjoy? And feel free to toss ideas/ask questions/discuss the ones you recognize.

Title: under the radar (Leon, Cloud, Erik, Charles)
Series: kh2/x-men: first class crossover
Author's Notes: dialogue only. this bunny intrigues me >.>

under the radar )

Title: killing to save you (Sephiroth, Cloud, Death, Dracula, Isaac)
Series: kh/castlevania:curse of darkness
Author's Notes: no more bunnies with fangs dammit!

killing to save you )

Title: skill speaks louder than words (Cid, Cliff, Lias...implied Cid/Cliff)
Series: kh2/Star Ocean 3
Author's Notes: Cliff does great foreplay through his words >.>

skill speaks louder than words )

Title: things we do for friends (Sora, Leon, mention of Georg, implied Leon/Sora)
Series: kh2/suikoden v
Author's Notes:

things we do for friends )

Title: bringing balance (Kain...and lots from KH2)
Series: kh2/Legacy of Kain
Author's Notes: *flees rabid bunnies with LONG fangs*

bringing balance )

Title: setting the world ablaze (Roy, Leon...)
Series: kh2/fullmetal alchemist
Author's Notes: ...probably Axel if you want someone behind the fires :D

setting the world ablaze )

Title: playing to win (Zaraki Kenpachi, Cloud)
Series: kh2/bleach
Author's Notes: 9th Division for Cloud. Bet Kenpachi wishes he was in the 11th.

playing to win )

Title: no crowding, herbivores (Cloud, Leon, Sephiroth, Hibari)
Series: kh2/katekyo hitman reborn
Author's Notes: got all Sora's guardians worked out but for his lightning. still puzzled by that one.

no crowding, herbivores )
Staring at the laptop and cursing at it does not make the bunnies go away. I will not write that last one into fic. Or well I'm going to resist my damnedest to not do it. I have enough to bloody write.

Title: the would-be suitor (Cloud/Leon, um...surprise?)
Rating: pg-13 for voilence
Series: kh2
Author's Notes: prompt - character's children. mpreg >.> possibly going to hell for writing something like this :D also i found this prompt was really hard to write for. yay for challenges?

the would-be suitor )

Title: sharing sweet things (Leon, Cloud, mentions of Kairi, Sora)
Rating: g
Series: post kh2
Author's Notes: prompt - kairi. considering how many it would take to fill a jar, that's some pretty potent magic

sharing sweet things )

Title: a sure bet (Cloud/Leon, Aerith, Yuffie, Tifa)
Rating: g
Series: kh2
Author's Notes: prompt - unromantic

a sure bet )

Title: never let you go (>.> Leon's belts)
Rating: pg-13...for implications
Series: kh-whenever
Author's Notes: prompt - anthropomorphism. dialogue only. remember there are four of them. challenge would be figuring which is which :D

never let you go )

Title: the darkness deceives
Characters/Pairings: Sephiroth, Leon, Tifa, Cloud.
Rating: g
Series: post-kh2
Author's Notes: prompt - most hated character.'s tifa if you can't guess >.> also...must.resist.fic-bunny.for.this.drabble.

the darkness deceives )
Time for another batch of drabbles. And yes I did have fun with the last set :)

I'm going to have to post all the Leon and Seifer ones together and in order one of these days.

Title: treasure filled days (Leon, Yuna, Paine, Rikku)
Rating: g
Series: kh2
Author's Notes: prompt - wishes

treasure filled days )

Title: to clean all things (Leon, Cid, Cloud, Tifa)
Rating: g
Series: kh2
Author's Notes: prompt - fireworks definition used :3 ->Fireworks - Informal - a burst of temper But really my immmediate thought on this prompt this morning was that Cloud is a small container full of chemicals >.>

to clean all things )

Title: use a steady flame (Sora, Leon, Cloud)
Rating: g
Series: kh2
Author's Notes: prompt - weird days at the workplace

use a steady flame )

Title: moving targets (Leon, Cloud, Cid)
Rating: g
Series: kh2
Author's Notes: prompt - weird days at the workplace

moving targets )

Title: working man's needs (Leon/Cloud)
Rating: G
Series: KH2
Author's Notes: prompt - job perks. kinda very lame this one cos i left it to the last minute to write ^^;

working man's needs )

uh, the boys liked the word enough to want to play some? >.>

Title: sleepy little towns hide treasures within (Leon, Seifer)
Rating: g
Series: kh2
Author's Notes: prompt - 2 a.m.

sleepy little towns hide treasures within )

Title: lucky gamble (Cid/Leon, Yuffie, Aerith, Cloud)
Rating: M
Series: post kh-whenever
Author's Notes: prompt - 2 a.m.

lucky gamble )

Title: zones (Leon, Seifer)
Rating: g
Series: kh2
Author's Notes: prompt - 2 a.m.

zones )

Title: visitor (Cid, implied Vincent?)
Rating: g
Series: post kh2
Author's Notes: prompt - 2 a.m.

visitor )

Title: chase him away (Leon/Cloud)
Rating: g
Series: kh2
Author's Notes: prompt - 2 a.m.

chase him away )
Yet another batch of drabbles. Been a while since I shared some :) Enjoy?

Title: trials and tribulations of dealing with the partially obsessed (Cid, Leon)
Series: post-kh2
Author's Notes: prompt - the internet

trials and tribulations of dealing with the partially obsessed )

Title: a small price to pay for passage (Aerith, Cloud, Cid, Yuffie)
Rating: G
Series: KH2
Author's Notes: prompt - superstition

a small price to pay for passage )

Title: sleep much required (Cloud/Leon, Sephiroth)
Rating: pg
Series: KH2
Author's Notes: prompt - naked. yet again 100 words is not enough to keep this as a belated happy b'day Cloud idea

sleep much required )

Title: arrival (Leon, Aerith, Cid)
Rating: g
Series: pre-KH1
Author's Notes: prompt - naked. possible scenario of Squall being called Leon

arrival )

Title: wash everything away (Sephiroth/Cloud, Sora & co)
Rating: pg
Series: somewhere between KH1&2
Author's Notes: prompt - naked

Title: bid for freedom (Auron)
Rating: g
Series: kh2
Author's Notes: prompt - mercy. lame drabble brought to you by the fact that I was away at con all weekend. so tired ^^;

bid for freedom )

Title: with a little help from my friends (Leon, Yuffie, Aerith, Cid, Cloud, Seifer)
Rating: g
Series: post-KH2
Author's Notes: prompt - tongue-tied

with a little help from my friends )

Title: safely home (Cid, Cloud, Aerith)
Rating: G
Series: End KH1
Author's Notes: prompt - haunted. lame title is lame :)

Title: it freezes over (Hades, Pain, Panic, Auron)
Rating: g
Series: kh2
Notes: prompt - winter

it freezes over )

Title: lunch for three (Leon, Sora, Cloud, Tifa)
Rating: g
Fandom: KH2
Notes: prompt - uninvited guest

lunch for three )

Title: unplanned things (Leon, Cloud. Implied Cloud/Leon/Aerith)
Rating: g
Series: post kh2
Author's Notes: prompt - late. poor Leon >.>

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( Mar. 22nd, 2010 09:35 pm)
I decided that I should consolidate some old fics written for kinkfest on IJ a few years back. Some I posted links to and some I have not. I think I didn't post some because at the time I was disappointed in myself for not finishing the ones I'd grabbed. It reminds me that I'm still wanting to write them.

Right - on to stuff to read :) There's ten in total >.>

Title: Same time tomorrow?
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: blood and sex oh yeah baby ♥
Summary: Byakuya learns he doesn’t mind the taste of blood
Prompt: Bleach, Zaraki/Byakuya: Battlefield sex - Dripping

same time tomorrow )

Title: At Days End
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: nudity?
Summary: Braska and Auron training for the pilgrimage
Prompt: Final Fantasy X, Braska/Auron: Hair - Silk and leather

at days end )

Title: Tied Up In You
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: light bondage
Summary: Tseng shows Rufus some traditional ropework.
Prompt: Final Fantasy VII, Tseng/Rufus Shinra: bondage - "It's the Wutai way."

tied up in you )

Title: Swimming with the summoner
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: a little nekkidness
Summary: Jecht, Braska and the spring in the forest
Prompt: Final Fantasy X, Jecht/Braska: undressing - moonlight
A/N: It turned out nothing like planned thanks to Jecht wanting water to play in and I will have to go back and write the original idea. It needs to be written. And yes, lame title really but I couldn't leave it untitled ^^;

swimming with the summoner )

Title: Not Love
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: err het? I write yaoi usually so het is my warning ;)
Summary: Just a little romp in the kitchen
Prompt: Final Fantasy VII, Cloud/Tifa: rough sex, spontaneous sex (anywhere but bed) - It wasn't love, but she didn't care

not love )

Title: Bathing Confessions
Rating: light R for some groping
Warnings: no warnings ^_^
Summary: the trio stop in at Rin's Travel Agency
Prompt: Final Fantasy X, Auron/Braska/Jecht: threesome, sexual hangups - Don't be such a prude

bathing confessions )

Title: Purple
Rating: M+ for swearing & nuditity
Warnings: Cid swearing...a lot
Summary: Cid gets a very unexpected late night visit
Prompt: Final Fantasy VII, Vincent/Cid: Demons - $#%*@-ing purple fur is hard to explain off the &$%ing sheets.

purple )

Title: Sometimes Wanted Memories
Rating: PG
Warnings: tiny bit of angst, hinted incest
Summary: Firo and the weight of memories
Prompt: Baccano! - Firo/anyone - acting on instinct - two hundred years' worth of other people's memories

sometimes wanted memories )

Title: Wanna Wake Up With You
Rating: M
Warnings: nekkidness pfft
Summary: Rufus should not answer phones first thing in the morning
Prompt: Final Fantasy VII - Rufus/Cloud - quasi-incest - "Just look at us."

wanna wake up with you )

Title: Treasure Scent
Rating: G
Warnings: none really, implied Seph/Cloud/Leon
Summary: Apparently there's treasure in Leon's pants!
Prompt: Kingdom Hearts - Leon/faerie!Gullwings - treasure hunt - Just what was he hiding?

treasure scent )
Let me see how many tasks I can get done before needing to leave for work ;)

Fandom: FF7 does KH
Pairing: Hellmasker & Cid, no cloud or aerith or yuffie but mentions of and some leon on the phone :)
Part 5...boy this is getting long

domesticity or how to feed and bath your friendly monster - with cid highwind ) that this is done, I'm off to work <3
These chapters keep getting longer and longer but least they aren't epic yet or I'd never post them. Really they do get longer with each one I write. Dammit Vincent come back already XD

Totally unbetaed of course as I'm writing all these by the seat of my pants *grin* I think if I waited and then gave it another read through it'd end up even longer.

Fandom: FF7 does KH
Pairing: Hellmasker & Cid, with an appearance by Cloud, Leon and someone else >.> Don't kill me *hides*
Part 4 :3

this keeps getting longer and longer )
I still need an icon. Must do that this weekend.
So I'm a little spammy today. But I'm going to bed shortly. Here have ficlet sort of thing which ended up longer than it was supposed to *frowns*

Fandom: FF7 does KH
Pairing: ? & Cid, with an appearance by Cloud ^^
Part 3 of quite a few ;)

and so it continues...the bloody madness XDDD )
Cloud worries me. A lot. After I get this one finished I'm going to have to do something about him.

and now that I've spammed the flists today, I am off to shower and then bed.
I really need titles for this series.

Fandom: FF7 does KH
Pairing: Cid & Chaos(Vincent)
Continuation of this. Enjoy?

Moar Cid & Chaos(Vincent) )

Um...more eventually
Flisty peoples have b'days and I get urges to write. We all win ;)

Happy birthday [ profile] dark_squall ♥♥♥

Fandom: FF8 does KH
Pairing: ? & Leon
For Nik *nibbles on*

ficlet 1 goes here )

Happy birthday [ profile] elfen ♥♥♥

Fandom: FF7 does KH
Pairing: ? & Cid, with Sora and Cloud and Aerith and mention of Merlin ;)
For Elfen *glomps*

ficlet 2 goes here )

That second one pings me in a good way. Possibly might continue in drabble format as the mod hits and see where it takes me. We shall see.