Newest batch is ready...because I kinda had a lot to write for the current prompt which is crossovers >.> Okay so I may have gone a little overboard. Now watch me avoid writing full fic for all these ideas ^^;

It's a little sad that no one person will recognize all the fandoms. Kalli will likely know most of them :) I think I've covered all my major fandoms. Missed a couple that I've previously written for but my brain is only offering this much at the moment.

Enjoy? And feel free to toss ideas/ask questions/discuss the ones you recognize.

Title: under the radar (Leon, Cloud, Erik, Charles)
Series: kh2/x-men: first class crossover
Author's Notes: dialogue only. this bunny intrigues me >.>

under the radar )

Title: killing to save you (Sephiroth, Cloud, Death, Dracula, Isaac)
Series: kh/castlevania:curse of darkness
Author's Notes: no more bunnies with fangs dammit!

killing to save you )

Title: skill speaks louder than words (Cid, Cliff, Lias...implied Cid/Cliff)
Series: kh2/Star Ocean 3
Author's Notes: Cliff does great foreplay through his words >.>

skill speaks louder than words )

Title: things we do for friends (Sora, Leon, mention of Georg, implied Leon/Sora)
Series: kh2/suikoden v
Author's Notes:

things we do for friends )

Title: bringing balance (Kain...and lots from KH2)
Series: kh2/Legacy of Kain
Author's Notes: *flees rabid bunnies with LONG fangs*

bringing balance )

Title: setting the world ablaze (Roy, Leon...)
Series: kh2/fullmetal alchemist
Author's Notes: ...probably Axel if you want someone behind the fires :D

setting the world ablaze )

Title: playing to win (Zaraki Kenpachi, Cloud)
Series: kh2/bleach
Author's Notes: 9th Division for Cloud. Bet Kenpachi wishes he was in the 11th.

playing to win )

Title: no crowding, herbivores (Cloud, Leon, Sephiroth, Hibari)
Series: kh2/katekyo hitman reborn
Author's Notes: got all Sora's guardians worked out but for his lightning. still puzzled by that one.

no crowding, herbivores )
gnome: (khr - x gloves)
( Nov. 11th, 2011 09:44 pm)
just a little drabble of a thought of possible events I had after reading the latest couple chapters of the khr manga. unlikely to actually happen but wild speculation always make for good fic ideas at some point XD

insert witty text about Iemitsu and Hibari here )
Title: Pictures of memories yet made
Author/Artist: [personal profile] gardensgnome
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: underage sex, rather graphic sex
Prompt: II/14. Ryohei/Tsuna -cunning- "sex after boxing practice"
Word count: 3281
Summary: post-future arcs - Ryohei saw more photos than just the one on display in his room.
Notes: have a feeling all mine will be late. first time writing in fandom so i'm still searching for character 'voices'. is harder than it seems ^^; please enjoy



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