Title: flowers for the fair ones
Fandom: Suikoden
Pairing/characters: Grenseal, Percival, Alen (Alen/Grenseal)
Count: 928
Prompt/challenge you're answering: Grenseal & Percival a rose in your hair
Notes: Not actually set within a game timeline. Kinda slips into canon in that it'd be set after the unification war and before the second fire-bringer war. Percival is about 8-ish, Grenseal 24. Sort of turned out how I had it in my head.

Giving another man flowers was likely far from acceptable behaviour in a small town like this but that didn't stop Alen. )
Title: of blackmail and bribery
Fandom: FFVII
Pairing/characters: Cid, Reno, Sephiroth
Count: 1638
Prompt/challenge you're answering: Cid & Reno "…I know about you and the ____"
Notes: Set within the same storyline as sweet things for the innocent, but quite a few years later. My timeline is rather on the vague side ^^;

Trust the Turks to try and interfere with his shore leave. )
Title: Blades for Hire
Fandom: FFVII
Pairing/characters: Cloud, Reno with an appearance by Denzel
Count: 2384
Prompt/challenge you're answering: Cloud & Reno are members of a secret society
Notes: This is not what I was expecting but I'm okay with that. Probably not what you're expecting either given the title.

It shouldn't have surprised Reno that Cloud might be more than SOLDIER, considering he'd never made it in the first place. )
Title: looking after the children
Fandom: legacy of kain
Pairing/Characters: Raziel, Kain, Dumah
Rating: M+
Words: 925
Contains: bloodplay, light torture, implied non-con sex...
Prompt: [community profile] kink_bingo 'bloodplay' square.
summary: catering to the individual tastes of the newly enhanced brood is something any father takes pleasure in doing

Small drabbly piece written for the March prompt over at [livejournal.com profile] clicheclub

Cliche: rescuing a puppy/kitten/bunny/otherfluffything
Fandom: FFVII
Pairing: Cid/Vincent, Cloud
Rating: G
Count: 200
Contains: creature death by OVERKILL

been a while since I posted a batch so here we are...enjoy :D

Title: caring can keep you alive (Leon, Sora)
Author's Notes: prompt - Sora. now i'm curious - does a keyblade have a sharp edge or is it more a bludgeoning weapon *GRIN*

caring can keep you alive )

Title: sun-shiny days (Sora, Leon, Cloud (pre-Leon/Cloud if you squint real hard))
Author's Notes: prompt - mistaken identity. just imagine anyone else from the Islands to be off doing stuff not here :D do not want leon meeting selphie.

sun-shiny days )

Title: tools of the trade (Cid, Leon, Cloud)
Author's Notes: prompt - conventions. Cloud is such a smug bastard :D

tools of the trade )

Title: housemates (pre-Leon/Cloud)
Author's Notes: prompt - gender bending. no idea...really no idea at all.

housemates )

Title: do you remember when (Merlin, Aerith, Cid, Yuffie, Cloud, Leon)
Author notes: prompt - childhood

do you remember when )

Title: pretty playthings (creepy Maleficent, Princesses of Heart)
Author's Notes: prompt - toys. I had Barbies once. Didn't cut their hair...I cut off their toes >.>

pretty playthings )

Title: mulit-talented (Leon, Cloud, Aerith)
Author notes: prompt - hidden talent

multi-talented )

Title: when all is not what it seems (Kairi, Maleficient, Beast)
Author's Notes: prompt - alternate universe. think of this as in terms of Kairi swapping spots with Riku or something...which would mean that Riku's heart is with Sora :3

all is not what is seems )

So...I've had a few drinks :3 I'm possibly going to write some fic. No idea if what I write will make sense in the morning.

Also 4,444 posts on the last post. In honor of that, I will write 4 drabble requests. First come first served, provided it is something I write for. This is 4 total between both DW and LJ. Will try to get them done fairly quickly.

Also thank you everyone for input regarding the KH100 alternate universe prompt. What I ended up writing is the last one here :)

In other news, but still writing news, I popped in Suikoden III this afternoon for some Borus research for a 0TP fic and omg I'm going to have to restart the game because I don't know what happened or where I'm up to. This will not stop me from writing this fic. Hervey and Borus. 0TP FTW!!!
Just a little Cloud/Leon written for [livejournal.com profile] clicheclub. Which for some reason I can't actually post to said comm because the internet is being shit.

Title: To Carefully Wish For Nothing
Cliche: waking up married
Fandom: post-KH2 canon
Pairing: Cloud/Leon
Rating: M
Contains: minor nudity

You were listening in on the servants gossip? )
So Cydling posted a reminder that there's a [community profile] ffviii_100 for dw. Current prompt was past prompts 4. Um...I may have gone a little overboard >.> like I wrote 14. I WAS INSPIRED DAMMIT! And both Seifer and Squall were pointing out that I've been thinking about certain things lately but lacking motivation to write long fics for them so they'd be happy for me to do some of this for them.

So I did. And I have to say that writing these was not a bad way to end one year and start another. Not a bad way at all >3

Most of these drabbles are Seifer & Squall and a lot of them are violent or have implied violence. Those ones are either snipets working around Prove Me Wrong, that Seifer and Squall fic I wrote for [community profile] no_true_pair. Or they are possibly part of something I'm currently working on...aka the Laguna & Seifer one is making itself part of something I'm lazily working on now.

Damn muses finding ways to keep my attention on them, especially calling up old, old fic ideas and sneaking them into this set of mini-writing.

Yes, I am very happy with all these drabbles. Definitely that first one as it set the tone for everything Seifer and Squall.

Yes there will be more eventually. Who knows maybe even the whole fics rather than just drabbly things.


Title: sinking to swim (Seifer, Squall)
Rating: M, implied character death
Author's Notes: Prompt: Kiss

sinking to swim )

Title: improvising your end (Seifer, Squall, Quistis)
Rating: PG-13, violence
Author's Notes: Prompt: Quistis Trepe

improvising your end )

Title: dressed to kill (Squall, Seifer)
Rating: G
Author's Notes: Prompt: Formal Wear Required

dressed to kill )

Title: partner (Squall, Irvine)
Rating: G
Author's Notes: Prompt: Weapon(s)

partner )

Title: cooling down (Irvine, Zell, Squall)
Rating: G
Author's Notes: Prompt: Heatwave

cooling down )

Title: rude awakening (Seifer, Squall)
Rating: PG-13, language
Author's Notes: Prompt: 2am

rude awakening )

Title: choosing your battleground (Squall, Seifer)
Rating: PG-13, violence
Author's Notes: Prompt: Showers

choosing your battleground )

Title: only as good as his tools (Seifer, Quistis, mention of Squall)
Rating: g
Author's Notes: Prompt: dialogue only

only as good as his tools )

Title: I'm gonna dirty you up (Seifer, Squall)
Rating: pg-13, violence
Author's Notes: Prompt: problem

I'm gonna dirty your up )

Title: make you bleed more than me (Squall, Seifer, Zell)
Rating: pg-13, violence
Author's Notes: Prompt: blood

make you bleed more than me )

Title: getting the job done (Seifer, Squall, Quistis)
Rating: g
Author's Notes: Prompt: toys

getting the job done )

Title: unpreventable inevitability (Ellone, Squall, Rinoa, Irvine, Piet)
Rating: g
Author's Notes: Prompt: Comfort

unpreventable inevitability )

Title: learning may take time (Laguna, Edea, Seifer, Squall)
Rating: M, implied character death of the non-permanent type
Author's Notes: Prompt: journal/diary

learning may take time )

Title: watch your step (Seifer, Cid, Squall)
Rating: M, violence
Author's Notes: Prompt: cranky

watch your step )
Newest batch is ready...because I kinda had a lot to write for the current prompt which is crossovers >.> Okay so I may have gone a little overboard. Now watch me avoid writing full fic for all these ideas ^^;

It's a little sad that no one person will recognize all the fandoms. Kalli will likely know most of them :) I think I've covered all my major fandoms. Missed a couple that I've previously written for but my brain is only offering this much at the moment.

Enjoy? And feel free to toss ideas/ask questions/discuss the ones you recognize.

Title: under the radar (Leon, Cloud, Erik, Charles)
Series: kh2/x-men: first class crossover
Author's Notes: dialogue only. this bunny intrigues me >.>

under the radar )

Title: killing to save you (Sephiroth, Cloud, Death, Dracula, Isaac)
Series: kh/castlevania:curse of darkness
Author's Notes: no more bunnies with fangs dammit!

killing to save you )

Title: skill speaks louder than words (Cid, Cliff, Lias...implied Cid/Cliff)
Series: kh2/Star Ocean 3
Author's Notes: Cliff does great foreplay through his words >.>

skill speaks louder than words )

Title: things we do for friends (Sora, Leon, mention of Georg, implied Leon/Sora)
Series: kh2/suikoden v
Author's Notes:

things we do for friends )

Title: bringing balance (Kain...and lots from KH2)
Series: kh2/Legacy of Kain
Author's Notes: *flees rabid bunnies with LONG fangs*

bringing balance )

Title: setting the world ablaze (Roy, Leon...)
Series: kh2/fullmetal alchemist
Author's Notes: ...probably Axel if you want someone behind the fires :D

setting the world ablaze )

Title: playing to win (Zaraki Kenpachi, Cloud)
Series: kh2/bleach
Author's Notes: 9th Division for Cloud. Bet Kenpachi wishes he was in the 11th.

playing to win )

Title: no crowding, herbivores (Cloud, Leon, Sephiroth, Hibari)
Series: kh2/katekyo hitman reborn
Author's Notes: got all Sora's guardians worked out but for his lightning. still puzzled by that one.

no crowding, herbivores )
Staring at the laptop and cursing at it does not make the bunnies go away. I will not write that last one into fic. Or well I'm going to resist my damnedest to not do it. I have enough to bloody write.

Title: the would-be suitor (Cloud/Leon, um...surprise?)
Rating: pg-13 for voilence
Series: kh2
Author's Notes: prompt - character's children. mpreg >.> possibly going to hell for writing something like this :D also i found this prompt was really hard to write for. yay for challenges?

the would-be suitor )

Title: sharing sweet things (Leon, Cloud, mentions of Kairi, Sora)
Rating: g
Series: post kh2
Author's Notes: prompt - kairi. considering how many it would take to fill a jar, that's some pretty potent magic

sharing sweet things )

Title: a sure bet (Cloud/Leon, Aerith, Yuffie, Tifa)
Rating: g
Series: kh2
Author's Notes: prompt - unromantic

a sure bet )

Title: never let you go (>.> Leon's belts)
Rating: pg-13...for implications
Series: kh-whenever
Author's Notes: prompt - anthropomorphism. dialogue only. remember there are four of them. challenge would be figuring which is which :D

never let you go )

Title: the darkness deceives
Characters/Pairings: Sephiroth, Leon, Tifa, Cloud.
Rating: g
Series: post-kh2
Author's Notes: prompt - most hated character. err...it's tifa if you can't guess >.> also...must.resist.fic-bunny.for.this.drabble.

the darkness deceives )
a bit of a ffx jecht/auron/braska moment for today )

Brought to you by the thought of Yojimbo and Auron being drinking buddies and Jecht not getting invited along :)

Damn but I'm tired. Went and saw Immortals. Was good. Not exceptional but good. Effects were shiny. They showed previews for more mission impossible *shudders* sorry but no, can't watch tom cruise anymore...and the next sherlock holmes movie. needs to go see that...oh and to watch the first one I guess seeing as I've not done that yet.

for now though it's off to make yogurt and then bed cos damn but i'm tired and fighting to stay awake. will probably look at what i wrote and wonder what the hell i was on about >.> really it's just and excuse to use my yojimbo fayth icon XDDD
gnome: (FF8 - L/S Sorry)
( Dec. 2nd, 2011 05:53 pm)
Series: Book of Love (41/42)
Fandom: FF8
Pairing/s: Irvine & Squall; Kiros & Laguna; Seifer
Warnings: Laguna *smirk*
Notes: i...i might actually get this series finished this year o.O

Book of Love: Voucher 41 )
gnome: (khr - x gloves)
( Nov. 11th, 2011 09:44 pm)
just a little drabble of a thought of possible events I had after reading the latest couple chapters of the khr manga. unlikely to actually happen but wild speculation always make for good fic ideas at some point XD

insert witty text about Iemitsu and Hibari here )
Time for another batch of drabbles. And yes I did have fun with the last set :)

I'm going to have to post all the Leon and Seifer ones together and in order one of these days.

Title: treasure filled days (Leon, Yuna, Paine, Rikku)
Rating: g
Series: kh2
Author's Notes: prompt - wishes

treasure filled days )

Title: to clean all things (Leon, Cid, Cloud, Tifa)
Rating: g
Series: kh2
Author's Notes: prompt - fireworks definition used :3 ->Fireworks - Informal - a burst of temper But really my immmediate thought on this prompt this morning was that Cloud is a small container full of chemicals >.>

to clean all things )

Title: use a steady flame (Sora, Leon, Cloud)
Rating: g
Series: kh2
Author's Notes: prompt - weird days at the workplace

use a steady flame )

Title: moving targets (Leon, Cloud, Cid)
Rating: g
Series: kh2
Author's Notes: prompt - weird days at the workplace

moving targets )

Title: working man's needs (Leon/Cloud)
Rating: G
Series: KH2
Author's Notes: prompt - job perks. kinda very lame this one cos i left it to the last minute to write ^^;

working man's needs )

uh, the boys liked the word enough to want to play some? >.>

Title: sleepy little towns hide treasures within (Leon, Seifer)
Rating: g
Series: kh2
Author's Notes: prompt - 2 a.m.

sleepy little towns hide treasures within )

Title: lucky gamble (Cid/Leon, Yuffie, Aerith, Cloud)
Rating: M
Series: post kh-whenever
Author's Notes: prompt - 2 a.m.

lucky gamble )

Title: zones (Leon, Seifer)
Rating: g
Series: kh2
Author's Notes: prompt - 2 a.m.

zones )

Title: visitor (Cid, implied Vincent?)
Rating: g
Series: post kh2
Author's Notes: prompt - 2 a.m.

visitor )

Title: chase him away (Leon/Cloud)
Rating: g
Series: kh2
Author's Notes: prompt - 2 a.m.

chase him away )
oh god I gotta go to bed but must post this first >.>

lifted straight from my 0tp post for i am lazy right not to edit the header...i am going to hell for this it is so wrong but so...innocent *hides*

Title: sweet things for the innocent
Author/Artist: gnome
Fandom: final fantasy vii
Pairing/characters: Cid, Sephiroth
Rating: M for Cid's potty mouth
Warnings: none that i can think of >.> perhaps a beware possible ooc? *shrugs* bloody teenagers *headdesk*
Word count: 1515
Summary: Sephiroth meets Cid when on his way to Wutai
Prompt/challenge you're answering: Sephiroth & Cid, with a cherry on top
Notes: err...this is what my brain gave me. seriously just let it do as it pleased and it certainly did. Cid 18-ish. Sephiroth 16-ish? also the title is just for now. will hopefully find something better at a later date.

SERIOUSLY...this one just kinda RAN AWAY FROM ME! and may need a sequel ^^;
Title: prove me wrong (ffviii, seifer & squall)
Warnings: character death of the non-permanent type?
Word Count: 750
Written for [community profile] no_true_pair prompt - Squall & Seifer, "Hurricane"

Yet another batch of drabbles. Been a while since I shared some :) Enjoy?

Title: trials and tribulations of dealing with the partially obsessed (Cid, Leon)
Series: post-kh2
Author's Notes: prompt - the internet

trials and tribulations of dealing with the partially obsessed )

Title: a small price to pay for passage (Aerith, Cloud, Cid, Yuffie)
Rating: G
Series: KH2
Author's Notes: prompt - superstition

a small price to pay for passage )

Title: sleep much required (Cloud/Leon, Sephiroth)
Rating: pg
Series: KH2
Author's Notes: prompt - naked. yet again 100 words is not enough to keep this as a belated happy b'day Cloud idea

sleep much required )

Title: arrival (Leon, Aerith, Cid)
Rating: g
Series: pre-KH1
Author's Notes: prompt - naked. possible scenario of Squall being called Leon

arrival )

Title: wash everything away (Sephiroth/Cloud, Sora & co)
Rating: pg
Series: somewhere between KH1&2
Author's Notes: prompt - naked

Title: bid for freedom (Auron)
Rating: g
Series: kh2
Author's Notes: prompt - mercy. lame drabble brought to you by the fact that I was away at con all weekend. so tired ^^;

bid for freedom )

Title: with a little help from my friends (Leon, Yuffie, Aerith, Cid, Cloud, Seifer)
Rating: g
Series: post-KH2
Author's Notes: prompt - tongue-tied

with a little help from my friends )

Title: safely home (Cid, Cloud, Aerith)
Rating: G
Series: End KH1
Author's Notes: prompt - haunted. lame title is lame :)

Title: it freezes over (Hades, Pain, Panic, Auron)
Rating: g
Series: kh2
Notes: prompt - winter

it freezes over )

Title: lunch for three (Leon, Sora, Cloud, Tifa)
Rating: g
Fandom: KH2
Notes: prompt - uninvited guest

lunch for three )

Title: unplanned things (Leon, Cloud. Implied Cloud/Leon/Aerith)
Rating: g
Series: post kh2
Author's Notes: prompt - late. poor Leon >.>

written for [community profile] kink_bingo
fandoms: Final Fantasy VIII
kinks: gags, incest, food play

Midnight Cravings (FFVIII, Laguna/Squall, gags)
Word count: 1212
Summary: Squall discovers Laguna enjoying a late night snack but is hungry for something else.
Content notes: Conatins incest (father/son). Also Squall could be as young as 17 in this fic (readers choice)

Title: Pictures of memories yet made
Author/Artist: [personal profile] gardensgnome
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: underage sex, rather graphic sex
Prompt: II/14. Ryohei/Tsuna -cunning- "sex after boxing practice"
Word count: 3281
Summary: post-future arcs - Ryohei saw more photos than just the one on display in his room.
Notes: have a feeling all mine will be late. first time writing in fandom so i'm still searching for character 'voices'. is harder than it seems ^^; please enjoy

Title: Consequences (Quistis, Squall)
Author's Notes: Balamb is entirely too dependant on GFs
consequences )

Title: Reaction (Zell, Squall)
Author's Notes: cast magic can sometimes do more for you than simple items
reaction )

Title: Difference (Irvine, Selphie, Quistis, Zell, Squall)
Author's Notes: spells are so revealing
difference )

Title: Pure (Squall, Seifer)
Author's Notes: you don’t always have to draw magic to feel its benefits
pure )

Title: Shield (Irvine, Squall)
Author's Notes: there are some things best not done with magic
shield )

Title: Mood (Squall/Irvine)
Author's Notes: moonlight nights and cool sea breezes
mood )

Title: Commands (Martine, Irvine)
Author's Notes: doing what you’re ordered to even when you don’t want to
commands )

Title: Innate (Seifer, Squall)
Author's Notes: when being injunction is unwise
innate )

Title: Ice (Squall, Rinoa)
Author's Notes: aftereffects are rarely pleasant
ice )

Title: Elemental (Zell, Irvine)
Author's Notes: actually can’t remember if it does work this way or not but Zell says it doesn’t
elemental )

Title: Revive (none)
Author's Notes: training starts in the worst possible but best way >.>
revive )

Title: Power (Squall, Rinoa)
Author's Notes: realizations on the Ragnarok
power )

Title: Barrier (Squall)
Author's Notes: inside the castle
barrier )

Title: Time (Ellone)
Author's Notes: sometimes magic is a curse
time )


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