Title: flowers for the fair ones
Fandom: Suikoden
Pairing/characters: Grenseal, Percival, Alen (Alen/Grenseal)
Count: 928
Prompt/challenge you're answering: Grenseal & Percival a rose in your hair
Notes: Not actually set within a game timeline. Kinda slips into canon in that it'd be set after the unification war and before the second fire-bringer war. Percival is about 8-ish, Grenseal 24. Sort of turned out how I had it in my head.

Giving another man flowers was likely far from acceptable behaviour in a small town like this but that didn't stop Alen. )
Title: of blackmail and bribery
Fandom: FFVII
Pairing/characters: Cid, Reno, Sephiroth
Count: 1638
Prompt/challenge you're answering: Cid & Reno "…I know about you and the ____"
Notes: Set within the same storyline as sweet things for the innocent, but quite a few years later. My timeline is rather on the vague side ^^;

Trust the Turks to try and interfere with his shore leave. )
Title: Blades for Hire
Fandom: FFVII
Pairing/characters: Cloud, Reno with an appearance by Denzel
Count: 2384
Prompt/challenge you're answering: Cloud & Reno are members of a secret society
Notes: This is not what I was expecting but I'm okay with that. Probably not what you're expecting either given the title.

It shouldn't have surprised Reno that Cloud might be more than SOLDIER, considering he'd never made it in the first place. )
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lifted straight from my 0tp post for i am lazy right not to edit the header...i am going to hell for this it is so wrong but so...innocent *hides*

Title: sweet things for the innocent
Author/Artist: gnome
Fandom: final fantasy vii
Pairing/characters: Cid, Sephiroth
Rating: M for Cid's potty mouth
Warnings: none that i can think of >.> perhaps a beware possible ooc? *shrugs* bloody teenagers *headdesk*
Word count: 1515
Summary: Sephiroth meets Cid when on his way to Wutai
Prompt/challenge you're answering: Sephiroth & Cid, with a cherry on top
Notes: err...this is what my brain gave me. seriously just let it do as it pleased and it certainly did. Cid 18-ish. Sephiroth 16-ish? also the title is just for now. will hopefully find something better at a later date.

SERIOUSLY...this one just kinda RAN AWAY FROM ME! and may need a sequel ^^;
Title: prove me wrong (ffviii, seifer & squall)
Warnings: character death of the non-permanent type?
Word Count: 750
Written for [community profile] no_true_pair prompt - Squall & Seifer, "Hurricane"