I owe journal comments and rp posts...sorry and I'll get to them eventually. I kinda got caught up in the sewing thing for a couple hours this morning.

braska - no underskirt
braska - no underskirt
just braska ^_^
braska + tulle
braska + tulle
hand gathered tulle and pinned directly to mannequin to see if it was even worth attempting the skirt
braska + tulle underskirt
braska + tulle underskirt
yay, it's working...generally pinned for the moment. using gathering stitch is a pain at times but I'm learning.

You'll likely notice that more of the petals are on the floor in the first two pics. I adjusted the mannequin to a better height for what I'll be when in my boots for the last pic. Need to take about half a foot off the bottom of the tulle skirt and I'm hoping that the wite I need to insert into the petals will not weigh things down too much. Looking at it there is much handsewing to be done. Poor Braska needs an iron as well.

I keep typing food instead of foot...that's telling me something I'm sure XD Off to have lunch and get ready for work for this gnome creature.
started sewing a little bit ago but now have to get ready for work. so need a 5 day weekend and a 2 day week ;P working on Braska's underskirt thing. I'm going to possibly need more tulle and have more patience for gathering fabric so that I don't keep breaking threads. I need to do up a list of everything sewing that needs to be done so I can cross stuff off it. heh watch me do the easiest things first ^^; i'm hoping that by not having a hoop in the summoner garb this year I'll be able to sit properly...and not waddle like a bell so much XD

have not yet started writing but will be doing that. first prompt is half written in my head. yay. i think i once again have too may things to do. suk says i'm a masochist. I fear she's right. even worse is the SO3 bunny I got while chatting with Chi. way too many things going on in my head.

I'm not getting any email notifications on the rp. Anyone else having the same issue?

work is evil for dragging me away *pouts* needs lunch right now cos i'm getting hungry.


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