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( Dec. 23rd, 2008 05:32 pm)
i hurts much.

was reaching to the side and downwards sort of to pick up a wooden chopping board out of a box in the cart I was working from and pain. all the way across my mid to lower back. i'm pulling something or pinching something. and it wasn't even heavy dammit. hurts more on my left to move than my right but I hurts. We're doing the work compo thing so I have to remember to visit the doc tomorrow and then take the forms over to work. am on some anti-inflamatory drugs. hopefully not allergic to them cos that would suck. not that this doesn't suck enough already.

do not touch the wooden chopping boards as they are cursed.

so I have the rest of today off work and tomorrow. then it's christmas *rolls eyes* what a time to hurt myself considering how busy we are and how much there is to do. not to mention taking Shadow to the vet tomorrow...

Shadow is either having an allergic reaction to the new shampoo we're washing him with or he's got mites. he's due for a booster shot too so we'll be doing all that as well.

notice I've not been posting the something happy for each day meme although I got tagged. was actually going to start doing that tonight but yeah, not exactly well here. will probably do a post later for it.

i'm off to see what cold packs we have in the freezer for my back. and then I'm not sure. this is my first real work related injury. I want it to be my last ^^;


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