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( Apr. 25th, 2013 10:35 pm)
How is it I flip open the third volume of the Suikoden III manga and upon seeing Geddoe and Sasarai eying each other in full colour pretty that I now want to write something about true runes and how the bearers can sense each other. And not necessarily just those from S3 either. I'd be more likely to do something involving Tir.

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo D: I have enough prompts already.
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( Jul. 14th, 2009 09:26 pm)
As some have noticed I'm spamming lj comments to your inboxes :D I'm almost caught up, got down to five I want to comment on...a couple from back in May too ^^; but now kalli's up and I'm getting piles more as she replies to mine XDDDD I think we have something like eight or ten different conversations threads happening...most of them in her journal. Yes, I shall retain my queen of spam title in at least one lj ;)

err Kalli, I'll get to replies in the morning so you can work on replying to other stuff.

work is puttering along. life in general is puttering along. nothing of excitement happening. damn I had something to post about but can't remember.

random thoughts from some of the comments posted at work i think I've come the the realization that I can't write Irvine/Zell fic. Everyone else, sure yep, but them no. I think it's because of Squall if that makes any sense. I have a very old unfinished Irv/Zell that will probably remain unfinished and I was kinda planning of having them as a background pairing for 'skin' but the more I fiddle with the outline the less likely they seem to happen. For the record 'skin' is not intended to be a irv/Squall but will be a someone/Squall with bits of someone/Squall/someone. Cryptic enough?

Do wish I could write Irv/Zell and I know I like reading the odd Irv/Zell, Zell/Irv fic. Any thoughts/analysis on why you think I can't do them? *smirk* Poke my brain. Dooooo iiiit XD

Also bunnied myself while replying to Kenderlyn. Dammit. I don't need a logical really makes canon sense absent!Georg/alone!Frey bunny. It is going to involve a playguide...I will need one to figure out what Frey is telling Georg about in his letters to his ever away guardian/friend/teacher/lover. Argh! *headdesk* I really really need a SV icon.

Yes I'm working on catching up on thing and not gaming tonight *pines for game* I think I'm due to do a pile more recruiting. I'm still pouting at Georg leaving again and would it be a bad thing to want to write Frey/Miakis comfort...something? She does go into his room alone after all. That hug was sweet and Lyon needed to be in on the hug too.

I need to go clear off the bed and take the not working very well help me sleep tablets. Maybe I should have a shot of port or something instead. Warm fuzzy alcohol feeling might help me sleep better than the not working tablets.

Oh hey Zalia - you hear back from pre-reg yet? Can't remember if I've asked this yet ^^; Working braincells I do not have.

*putters off to toss shit on floor and pass out*
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( Jun. 8th, 2009 10:56 pm)
Started writing my prompt instead of sleeping and I'm about to pass out but first a poll cos yeah I want to know...

[Poll #1412823]

Reason I'm asking is the prompt I'm writing has been written both ways over on springkink so I'm curious. Comment with reasons if you like :) For me it's a mood thing of who seems to be more dominant in the scene. Although I am actually now wondering if I've ever written Squall topping Irvine.

Not sure if it'll affect the outcome of who tops in the fic but I'm heading in the direction of porns when I keep writing it tomorrow night.


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